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Years ago, just after getting married, my wife and I purchased our first home and began minor renovations and improvements.

It didn’t take long to realize that contractors and furniture are expensive – and often poor quality. 

To save money and learn in the process, I quickly became a weekend warrior, purchasing my first set of – in hindsight, very bad – tools to begin building and remodeling the home my wife and I wanted. 

In my first year, I realized it was harder than YouTube made it look, and what I thought were my “good” projects at the time, I now look back on and see a clear lack of quality. 

But I continued to love working with my hands and learning the right way to do quality carpentry. As the years have passed, I’ve purchased countless high-quality tools and worked on a wide range of projects in my, family’s, friends, and customers homes. 

Understanding the frustration that people feel when working with contractors who have been unresponsive, unprofessional, or performed poor work, I realized there’s an opportunity to help other people make their homes beautiful while also trusting who they’re working with. 

That’s Revamp JAX – quality craftsmanship, attention to design, and a commitment to great customer relationships.


We Value ReliabILITY, AccountabILITY, AND TrustWORTHINESS.


4106 Leeward Pt.
Jacksonville, FL 32225

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